About 'Shh...'

I'm not a 'Twitter person' ... I'm more of a 'Shh person'. I subscribed to this 'Shh network', where you write something down, but don't send it anywhere.

- Hugh Laurie, 05 June 2009 on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
(not about this project)

Shh... is a satirical Twitter clone. It looks like Twitter (well, at least how Twitter looked in 2009), but instead of sending your (probably) private, (probably) irrelevant and (probably) uninteresting messages to the world outside, it keeps them where they are safe from all spite and harm: Nowhere.

If you are a Twitter addict, this is your chance to detox. If you haven't been infected yet, here is your chance to stay clean and safe.

Spread the word and get your own personal 'Shh... profile'.


Want to know more about this project? Read my blog post about it.